Ozwin Official License

As a legally regulated online casino, we hold a license that allows us to provide gaming services. The Curaçao license is recognized and used by numerous respected gaming platforms and game providers, assuring players’ safety. Ozwin Casino is legal and dedicated to offering a safe gaming environment while encouraging responsible play.
Additional information on our licensing may be found below.

Ozwin is a legal casino under the license of Curacao.
Ozwin Casino welcomes players from countries that accept their Curacao license.

Ozwin Casino is legally authorized to offer gambling services in Australia. However, its operations are restricted to countries that accept the Curaçao license. The following countries are excluded: the United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, North Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Iran. Therefore, users from these countries are not permitted to access Ozwin Casino.

It is crucial to remember that even within these countries, the implementation of online gambling restrictions varies, and some regions may follow alternative standards. Before participating in online gambling, players should always confirm if it is allowed in their respective location.

The Curacao Gaming Commission is an independent regulatory body that licenses Ozwin Casino, but they are not affiliated with the company itself.

The Curacao Gaming Commission is not the owner of the Ozwin brand or any other licensed companies. It has no control over the management decisions of such enterprises, does not decide their development policy, and cannot be held culpable for any infringement. The casino management bears responsibility for all of its acts.

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